Paulette Weber, RD, LD/N, CLT

Registered and Florida Licensed


Certified LEAP Therapist

Core Values


1.   The starting point of wellness is a whole food-based diet.  There are no short-cuts
      with long-lasting effects.


2.   Every person is biochemically unique and would benefit from an individualized
      nutrition plan that includes an assessment.


3.   People deserve to be told the truth about what they are eating.  For this reason,
      I choose only to attend continuing education programs that are not sponsored by

      the food industry or pharmaceutical companies.  If I listen to biased programs

      then the information I provide will also be biased.


4.   A client’s well-being and their best interest should be every health care practitioner’s

      first priority.  In practice I try to honor this belief even if it means loss of referral

      sources, pride or income.


5.   Collaboration with other health care practitioners is essential to good outcomes.


6.   Each individual is responsible for their own self-care.  It is my role to help educate

      and empower you in this position.


7.   Genetically modified foods, sugar substitutes, highly processed foods, sugar and

      hydrogenated fat are harmful and never recommended.


8.   Optimal health comes from life balance.


9.   Supplement use should be in conjunction with a whole food-based diet. The

      supplements selected are done so based on quality, safety, value and efficacy.

      Ideally supplement use should be determined after an assessment by a health care

      practitioner.  This assessment must always include lab work.  Supplement use

      needs to be monitored just like medication use is monitored.


10. My recommendations are based on clinical research, experience of reputable

      clinicians, medical professional associations, as well as standards of practice and

      common sense.  Evidence-based medicine is focused on finances and serves those

      who fit into the bell curve but many people with difficult health journeys would be

      classified as bell curve outliers.  In these situations evidence-based medicine does

      not serve the individual.