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Empower Your Health with Functional Nutrition

Unlock a healthier you as Functional Nutrition guides you towards vitality and well-being.

I was so excited to see my Negative blood test recently… I followed your vitamin and eating plan recommendations and it worked. Plus I lost 13 pounds In 3 months!

- Janice

, Bradenton

When I finally decided to enlist a dietician to help me, I found Paulette to be fantastic to work with. She was thoughtful, empathetic and very patient, even when I was frustrated and discouraged.

- Lisa R

, Bradenton

We could not be happier with Paulette’s comprehensive approach to evaluating my evolving detail blood tests and suggesting specific changes to my diet.

- Robert H

, Bradenton

Paulette is extremely knowledgeable about the way the digestive system functions and about how the digestive system and the microbiome affect overall health. She suggested dietary changes that dramatically improved my quality of life.

- Jane D

, Invernes FL

I was surprised and delighted to learn that my GFR increased to 63!! My creatinine, glucose, hemoglobin etc all were normal. Paulette taught me that diet certainly does affect kidney health and I really appreciate all her help and advice!!

- Sara

, Venice, FL

She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. Her only goal is to help her patients have a better life . She is very responsive to any and all requests.

- Jeanne

, Oldsmar

Throughout my weight loss journey Paulette was very cognizant of the fact that I have advanced low-tension glaucoma and that my number one priority is saving the eyesight that I have.

- Sheila

, Parrish FL

I don’t remember that I ever enjoyed and learned so much in one session with any health professional as with Paulette. She always listens attentively to my issues  and addresses them with superb knowledge and expertise.

- M. Johnson

, Venice

Upon my follow-up appointment with my doctor – blood pressure was perfect and medication removed!!!  AND My blood sugar was right where it needed to be!! My insulin mechanism was back on track.

- Betsy P

, Lakewood Ranch

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People come to Paulette for individual attention with a variety of problems including:

Often the above mentioned conditions can be resolved, managed or improved with a nutrition program. Due to her specialized training, she is able to provide individualized anti-inflammatory nutrition programs which are geared for people who want to resolve their symptoms without medications.

Holistic Health Focus

A health plan that’s intricately aligned with your life’s blueprint, enhancing your vitality.

Personalized Care Plans

Care that adapts to your body’s signals, guiding you toward your healthiest self.

Evidence-Based Interventions

Strategies that are both time-honored and innovatively effective.

Empowerment and Education

Knowledge to make choices that positively impact your well-being every day.

Take the first step to a revitalized you – schedule your Functional Nutritional Consultation today and begin the transformation towards a nourished, thriving life.

Paulette’s Functional Nutritional Consultation is your gateway to a personalized nutrition strategy tailored to your body’s unique requirements. Her holistic approach considers your lifestyle and food preferences, crafting a plan that’s not just about eating right, but living well.

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