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Paulete Klostreich, RD, LD/N
About Paulette Klostreich

Food is information, connection, medicine, fuel, and energy. We now know that we can change the way our genes are expressed by the food choices we make! There is a tremendous amount of power in what you put on your fork. Functional nutrition looks at the foundational way that food affects the body on a cellular level. It is an approach that is patient-centered, holistic, personalized, and focused on addressing the root cause of a health issue.

As a food and nutrition expert it is my goal to empower you to establish and maintain healthful eating habits that will enable you to reach your highest expression of wellness. My approach is based on my belief that whole foods heal. Since you are biologically unique, I will provide a nutrition plan that is based on your lab results, lifestyle, goals, genetics, genomics, and food preferences. 


To guide individuals to nutrition-based solutions to restore and maintain health by working to identify root causes and treat the cause(s).



A one-on-one consultation with Paulette. Share your health concerns and goals, and she will listen attentively.

Personalized Plan

Designed to address your specific health challenges and reduce reliance on medications.


Start your nutrition journey integrating the plan into your daily life for real results.

Ongoing Support

She provides encouragement and adjustments to keep you on track towards lasting wellness.

A Functional Nutritionist/Registered Dietitian serves in many different roles. I am a/an

“I wholeheartedly recommend Paulette Klostreich, RD for her expertise as a dietitian, and sincere dedication to her clients. Paulette thoroughly assessed my complex nutritional struggles, and guided me with a comprehensive plan for success. Before I met Paulette, I had been evaluated by numerous GI physicians, including an assessment at the Mayo Clinic. Through her knowledge and diligence, Paulette was the first healthcare provider to identify SIBO as the crux my GI problems. As a result of her diagnostic ability, my overall health and well-being have significantly improved. I have known Paulette for many years. She is a superb dietitian, proficient in her skills.  Paulette is a true professional with a caring heart.”

– Karen G, Sarasota

Paulette is a wonderful resource. She is a gifted clinician. I’ve only said that about a provider a few times in my career. When I was a practicing physician, I had no idea that RDs could have this depth of knowledge and judgment. She would have been far more useful to me than any of the GI docs I consulted. Paulette managed my physician wife’s difficult disease, Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth, that no regular MD or specialist was interested in handling. She is very thoughtful and has excellent clinical judgment. We are so grateful for her help.

– Robert F. Smith, MD, MPH.

Take the first step to a revitalized you – schedule your Functional Nutritional Consultation today and begin the transformation towards a nourished, thriving life.

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